Impacte Affaires for your IMPACT IN BUSINESS

Impacte Affaires is a vocational training center, a center for business people in Quebec’s cultural communities founded in 2008, in response to the diversification of the special needs of new immigration in Quebec over the last 15 years.

Our mission is to facilitate, support and assist entrepreneurs and professionals from cultural communities in the development processes of their entrepreneurial and professional career.

Impacte Affaires offers a wide range of professional training, referral and support services, particularly for starting, developing and expanding businesses founded and / or led by members of Québec’s cultural communities. Impacte Affaires puts you in touch with members of its network made up of eleven of the largest cultural communities in Quebec.

Our team

Svetlana Litvin

General Director - Teacher, Starting a business

A person who chooses to immigrate usually has a propensity for risk taking and perseverance that is conducive to entrepreneurship.

Jonathan Tremblay

IT Director - Teacher, Computer graphics

Sujatha Mohanram

Teacher, Java Programming


Svetlana Litvin, direction Impacte Affaires

Direction and staff members




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