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August 20, 2019
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August 20, 2019

Fundamental Skills course

Starts AUG 24 2021 - Course Language: French

About the course

This preparatory course is mainly focused on reviewing high school level math, in preparation for our Professional Java Developer programs.

Since these programs are intensive, dense with essential information and learning experiences necessary to successfully embark on a Java Developer career, it is important for students to keep pace with both the theory classes and the industry-based practical lab assignments and projects. A solid grounding in math subjects like algebra, geometry and trigonometry, numbers theory, basic statistics, probability and permutations has been proven to greatly help in the learning experience.

In addition, typing tutorials and English or French language training is available.

The Fundamental Skills preparatory course is tailored to each group's needs and is supported with additional individualized learning, as needed.

Weekly tests ensure that both students and teachers are progressing in positive and supportive way. To date, students that complete this course saw their math capabilities double.

Fundamental Skills course

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This course is custom-built for each student.

  • It generally covers math, reading comprehension, and typing skills.
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